Dying Light 2

Status: Silver | Installs: Yes | Opens: Yes



  • Install in Steam as normal
  • Right-click on the game in Steam and browse local files
  • Open path/ph/work/bin/x64/
  • Rename runtime_dx11.dll to runtime_dx11.dll.bak


Changing the upscaling method to XeSS will soft-lock. To fix this, click Open C: Drive and navigate to /users/crossover/Documents/dying light 2/out/settings/video.scr, and open this file in a text editor. Change Upscaler(5) to Upscaler(0)


You may experience issues if using DX11 as your graphics backend, depending on your bottle configuration. If this is the case, use the above method. Change RendererMode("d3d11") to RendererMode("d3d12").


You can use the above solution to change your texture settings to low (which you are unable to do in the in-game settings menu). Set TextureQuality(...) to TextureQuality("Low").

Last change: 2024-05-12, commit: 6ef7c27