Using Heroic with Whisky

Heroic Games Launcher allows you to install and run games from stores such as Epic Games, GOG, and Amazon Prime Games. With Whisky, it really becomes a powerful tool for running games on macOS. In this guide, we'll show you how to set up Heroic with Whisky.


  1. You'll need to install Heroic.


The Windows version of Heroic will not work with Whisky. Make sure to download the Mac version.

  1. After you finish installing Heroic, you'll need to configure settings within Heroic in order to use Whisky.
    1. In the sidebar, select Settings.
    2. Under the Settings tab in the sidebar, select Game Defaults.
    3. Under Crossover/Wine Version select Whisky 2.3.x.
  2. You're all set! You can now install and run games using Heroic and Whisky.
Last change: 2024-05-07, commit: 0de5bcf