Status: Silver | Installs: Yes | Opens: Yes


Thank you to 1halon on the Discord for writing this up!

  • In Bottle Configuration, change Enhanced Sync to ESync
  • Download the standalone executable from here into your bottle's C-Drive
    • Ensure you're downloading the one named r2modman-x.x.xx.exe where x.x.xx is the current version of the mod manager.
  • Pin the program and Right Click > Config
  • Add --disable-gpu --no-sandbox into arguments
  • Add environment variable with key WINEDLLOVERRIDES and value libglesv2=d


If app opens with a blank screen, check environment variable as it may not get saved in the first try.


If using the BepInEx framework, install winhttp through Winetricks > DLLs or override winhttp to Native then Builtin from Wine Configuration (console may not show up)

Last change: 2024-05-12, commit: 6ef7c27