Common Issues

Several things can lead to a program not working. The most common reasons are listed below.

My game stops downloading right before it's finished.You are most likely downloading a game with MSync enabled. Restarting Steam should fix this and your download should continue. You can also fix this issue by switch to ESync whenever downloading a game.
My game crashes due to "invalid instruction".Your game is likely using AVX instructions. These are more common in console ports. AVX instructions are only supported in Rosetta in macOS Sequoia and later. Games using these instructions will not work in macOS Sonoma.
I want to play a competitive multiplayer game, but it won't load.Competitive multiplayer games, especially battle royales and other FPS games (like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant), often have some form of driver-level anti-cheat. These won't work under Wine.
My DirectX 9 game has graphical issues, or doesn't work at all.DirectX 9 games are handled through Wine's own wined3d. Whisky focuses on modern titles using DX11 or 12, and you may run into issues with DX9 games. CrossOver is a better choice in this scenario, as it runs on Wine 9 instead of Wine 7, and has a more up-to-date version of wined3d. If you're not sure what Graphics API your game is using, you can check on the PCGamingWiki.
My game crashes out of the box, or complains about missing dependencies.Make sure to check Wine's AppDB and ProtonDB, which can often provide information on the necessary workarounds or Winetricks you need to use to get your game running. If you can't find anything or you are unable to make it work, make an issue.
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