Cities: Skylines 2

Status: Bronze | Installs: Yes | Opens: Yes


  • Install in Steam as normal
  • Go back to Whisky, and press File > Kill All Bottles
  • On your bottle click Winetricks...
  • Install the following tricks in the following order
    dotnet48 win10


This will require user interaction and will likely take a rather long time to complete

  • Follow the instructions to patch your game here
  • Start Cities: Skylines 2 from Steam as normal


  • Tabbing out will cause the game to become unresponsive and require it to be restarted. Do not change window focus while playing.
  • Subsequent launches may fail to open the Paradox Launcher. This can be resolved temporarily by deleting the Paradox Interactive folder in Program Files. Reinstalling the launcher may also be required.

Last change: 2024-05-12, commit: 6ef7c27