Metro Exodus

Status: Bronze | Installs: Yes | Opens: Yes


  • Install the standard version rather than the Enhanced Edition. Otherwise it won't open due to the lack of DXR 1.1 (DirectX 12's Raytracing) support.


There is an issue with setting higher resolution, including native when it is already lowered. Then a screen resolution can be restored to native only in the config file as the game does not show anything above the actually lowered screen resolution. It can be done via user.cfg which is located in the game installation directory, not in the Windows' Documents like mentioned elsewhere. Also colorful normal maps appear sometimes on also random surfaces and within some particles types. Changing audio output in macOS turns the game's audio off. It is required to restart the game then. A system cursor appears sometimes in the "Sam's Story" DLC.

Last change: 2024-06-18, commit: 26a945a