Fear and Hunger

Status: Bronze | Installs: Yes | Opens: Yes


  • Install in Steam as normal
  • Right click Pinned Program > Config
    • This can either be the Steam icon, or you can pin the Game.exe in the game's local files and open config there.
    • The latter method will not get you playtime hours through Steam, but will allow you to keep Environment Variables separate in case this doesn't play well with other games.
  • Add environment variable with key WINEDLLOVERRIDES and value libglesv2.dll=d


The game is terribly optimized and runs very poorly without community-made fixes, which have not yet been compatible with macOS and Whisky. You can find those fixes here, however at the current time they do not work on macOS and will prevent your game from running.

Last change: 2024-05-12, commit: 6ef7c27